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Blunkende Tante Fra Penger PÃ¥ Papiret

It has been a while since I posted! So here’s a GIF of Elisabeth’s winking aunt from the educational DVD Penger PÃ¥ Papiret (Money On Paper). Hope Café Ambrosia is doing well.

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Fleamarket Rundown Spring/Summer 2014

Another journal showing off some of the more interesting items I’ve found at fleamarkets this season (and possibly the season before that as well; things have kind of piled up). Due to length, I’ve this time tried sorting everything into roughly defined categories. … Continue reading

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Fleamarket Special: Here There Be Dungeons & Dragons

It doesn’t happen often, but I’ve stumbled over roleplaying books at fleamarkets before. The most interesting find was probably stumbling over a handful of books in near mint condition for the anime-inspired roleplaying game Exalted a while back, which is a bit of … Continue reading

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Fleamarket Rundown Spring 2013

A rundown of some of my more interesting findings at various local fleamarkets this spring. A Spanish title VHS copy of The Lion King 2, and a still sealed VHS copy of the Norwegian special edition re-release of the original. … Continue reading

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Cast Single From Rocky Horror Show @ Chateau Neuf, 1996

I mentioned a little while back stumbling over and purchasing the cast single from the Rocky Horror Show production from 1996 at Chateat Neuf in Oslo at a fleamarket. So I tried doing some research on it, most notably posting … Continue reading

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Fleamarket Findings

For the last three or so years, I’ve taken to hitting the quarterly fleamarket scene. Perhaps odd considering that I’m a bit of a mint condition freak,as most items at fleamarkets have been heavily used (or at least not been … Continue reading

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