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Blunkende Tante Fra Penger PÃ¥ Papiret

It has been a while since I posted! So here’s a GIF of Elisabeth’s winking aunt from the educational DVD Penger PÃ¥ Papiret (Money On Paper). Hope Café Ambrosia is doing well.

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I’ll Get You Yet, Daredevil!

Okay, so I sit down to watch the director’s cut DVD of the Daredevil film with my parents, which I’ve had for maybe six months but not yet watched so it was still shrink wrapped. When removing the plastic and … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Pet Turns Ugly

Back in the day I tried to regularly follow (as well as tape) the cartoon show Teacher’s Pet, which used to air on the Disney Channel. So I guess I was a bit of a fan. In 2004 they released … Continue reading

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Multiple Evenings With Kevin Smith

I’m not the biggest Kevin Smith fan. Even so, I’ve seen most of his films, except for Jersey Girl and Zack And Miri Makes A Porno. I generally find his characters and their dialogue stiff and unnatural; the dialogue almost … Continue reading

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Lilo & Stitch & The Ugly

I ordered the Lilo & Stitch special edition DVD from play.com to give to myself either on my birthday or for  Christmas / Jul, but when it arrived in the mail I was taken aback by just how ugly the … Continue reading

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