Kirkeby Kvalitet

Kirkeby Kvalitet is an artistic project between poet Eivind Kirkeby and VJ/visual performance artist Mads Faste Liang Nilsen. It started out as an improv spoken word jazz funk-rock fusion band, then it became a spoken word experimental electronica duo, then it became a spoken word art installation project. Who knows what it will become next! But the main focus through it all has always been Eivind Kirkeby’s poetry.

The project in its current form made its debut at the art festival Dunkel in Hamar, January 2014. See below for a video excerpt from “Hverdagsmørke”, a performance focusing on the darkness found in every day life.

Kirkeby Kvalitet – Hverdagsmørke from Mads Meskalin on Vimeo.

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  1. KÃ¥re KÃ¥lrabi says:

    Hvor ble det av Slik lager man vafler?

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