The Society of Poor Academics

World-weary yet naïve lyrics combined with simple melodies and no nonsene vocals, performed amateurishly on cheap Casio keyboards picked up at fleamarkets. Abbreviated TSOPA or tSoPA, The Society of Poor Academics is a mostly one-man non-band indie band spearheaded by Eivind Kirkeby. Best described as naïve minimalism, but genre-wise the music can be located somewhere in the unexplored regions between lo-fi indie folktronica and acoustic synthpop twee.

tSoPA made its official public debut in 2006 when they released Ingen liker Eivind Kirkeby, an album of lo-fi amateur cover songs, for free downloading online. Since then there has been several full albums and EPs featuring a wide array of sporadic collaborators. Some collaborators so far has included: Dan McLay of The J. Arthur Keenes Band, Jack Hayter of Hefner, Lisle Mitnik of Fireflies, and Dennis Driscoll.

Most full releases are available through bandcamp, and concerts will usually be announced through Songkick and Facebook. Bigger news/releases will also be published on the Kirkeby Kritikk blog under the tsopa tag.


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Å Hært Karøl 31 December 2013

Å Hært Karøl
31 December 2013

Negative Polarity 14 December 2012

Negative Polarity
14 December 2012

Kostnadseffektivt 8 September 2012

8 September 2012

Ascension 2 January 2011

2 January 2011

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