Fidelity Wars #29: Scooter – “Aiii Shot The DJ” (Andreas Dorau Remix)

In my younger days I was a pretty big fan of the German techno band Scooter. I even did an assignment back in early high school on the band, and I sent them a (probably poorly written) fan letter to which I never got a response. But I eventually grew out of them, and started listening to more “serious” music (like They Might Be Giants and The Beautiful South), leaving poor old Scooter behind.

As mentioned in a previous post, I picked up a couple of more recent albums by the band at a stock clearance sale. Now and then a dose of dumb ole techno is just what you need, and some of their newer material – while not as novel or nostalgia inducing as their older material – isn’t half bad. David Jeffries of allmusic said it best in his review of their album Mind The Gap: “Tasteless, over-the-top, and ten steps back for music, but rarely does trash sparkle this brilliantly.”

From all this talk about Scooter, you might think that a Scooter track would be this week’s pick. But, not so! Or, not quite so, rather.

In January this year, a CD entitled Hands On Scooter was released, featuring just short of a dozen songs of various bands and artists doing their interpretations of various Scooter songs. Some are fairly unrecognizable, featuring brand new (German) lyrics. Highlights include the polkafied version of “Friends” by Klostertaler (just wish they could’ve gone without the bass drums), and the exaggeratedly epic version of “Faster Harder Scooter” by Knorkator (which just needed some loud strings or electric guitars) – and this week’s featured track.

Scooter – “Aiii Shot The DJ” (Andreas Dorau Remix)

Unlike the other songs, this is a remix rather than a cover. I never much liked the original song, but this is really good, turning an unremarkable techno pop song into a catchy, organic, guitar driven piece, complete with the original, always embarrassing, shouted Scooter lyrics that’ve become the band’s trademark. This remix also introduced me to musician Andreas Dorau, who has some really neat songs in his back catalog (my current favourite being “Tulpen Und Narzissen”).

Hands On Scooter

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  1. Jonny says:

    Yo, i got a remix of Scooters – logical song,,, well jus used the vox in my new track aclled BEAR BEAT was a huge fan bak in skool 2 lol check it out and let me kno wat ut hink 🙂


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