Fidelity Wars #26: Silent Hill 4 – “Mayheim I”

Being a horror fan, I’ve always wanted to play the Silent Hill game series. But by the time the first Silent Hill game was released in 1999 I had already sold my PlayStation and moved on to the Nintendo 64, and I never got a PlayStation 2, for which the other games in the series were released.

Though I haven’t played the games, I have heard some of the music from the games, provided by composer Akira Yamaoka. The creepy music is often industrial and hip hop (or perhaps trip hop?) sounding, contrasting with the kind of music you find in its rival Japanese horror game series Resident Evil, which has more of a brooding strings sound. Now and then the Silent Hill soundtracks has the odd throwaway “goth-rock” piece with vocals, which I’m guessing might be used for the end or opening credits.

This week’s featured track (a day delayed due to stressful things) is a piece taken from a promotional soundtrack that was released in relation to the fourth game in the series, Silent Hill 4: The Room. This special soundtrack collects some pieces from the game not found on the proper soundtrack, as well as a few remixes. I’ve no idea as to what the story is behind this piece in particular, but I’m guessing it’s a remix and that it’s not actually found in the game in this form. It’s a good track, at least in the right context and when in the right mood.

Silent Hill 4 – “Mayheim I”

Silent Hill 4 - The Room Limited Edition Soundtrack

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  1. Mat says:

    Yamaoka’s does a pretty fucking good job.

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