Fidelity Wars #25: Johnny Cash – “Rock Island Line” (Wolf Remix)

Johnny Cash needs no introduction. Unless, to quote Batman, you’re “retarded or something”.

Earlier this year a Johnny Cash remix CD was released, descriptively titled Johnny Cash Remixed. Various artists take their stab at remixing various Johnny Cash songs, many of which casual fans (such as myself) may be unfamiliar with.

The release has not been too well received, getting mostly poor reviews, and it currently only has two stars over at Amazon. Some of the Amazon user comments seem to be from fans who take offense to any attempt at remixing Johnny Cash songs though, and not an actual evaluation of the product.

My own assessment? As a whole, the CD is not very good, and I wish the remixers could have done a bit more than simply putting funky beats to the recordings. But it does have a few fun moments.  One of the highlights to me was the high-energy track “Rock Island Line”, remixed by someone calling themselves Wolf, which is this week’s featured track.

Johnny Cash – “Rock Island Line” (Wolf Remix)

Johnny Cash Remixed

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