Fidelity Wars #24: Dennis Driscoll – “My Little Kookenhaken”

Last year musician Dennis Driscoll released a total of four compilations of previously unreleased material, of varying age and origin, available for digital purchase through CD Baby and some other retailers. One of these was entitled Good Format, and included a lovely cover of Jonathan Richman’s classic song “My Little Kookenhaken”, which is this week’s featured piece.

Dennis Driscoll - Good Format

Dennis Driscoll – “My Little Kookenhaken”

It feels a bit like cheating, since I’ve already featured a song by him, and you should generally not feature the same artist twice in these kinds of column thingies. But, this column thingy is also in part a representation (or should that be ‘manifestation’?) of my current whims and fancies. Ergo ipso facto, another song by Dennis Driscoll, whoosh!

This is a cover though, and not an original, so perhaps that somehow validates it, too.

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