Fidelity Wars #23: Little Nell – “See You ‘Round Like A Record”

Recently got a CD I’d ordered online: The Rocky Horror Picture Show – The Anniversary Edition, featuring music from the cult musical as well as other tracks which are kind of related to the musical in varying degrees, spread over two discs.

This release is an odd beast. The first disc has pretty much all of the songs from the musical, which are taken either from the film’s soundtrack or the original Roxy cast recording.  The ones from the film are marked original film soundtrack, but one of the tracks is marked as original Rocky Horror Show film, which I’ve no idea where is from; the song is “The Sword Of Damocles” and it doesn’t sound like it’s from the actual theatrical film, so maybe it’s a version that was recorded for the film but not used? Or maybe a demo for the film? I have no idea. The first disc ends with a remix of the song “The Time Warp”.

The second disc has been dubbed Frank ‘N’ Furter’s Rare Experiments, compiling various rarities related to the musical or its cast to varying degrees. It starts off with tracks taken from cast recordings of the show from Mexico, New Zealand and Norway. The ones of the Mexican cast sound awful sound quality wise; sounds like they’ve been ripped from vinyl then saved as 64 Kbps mp3 files. This disc also has three more tracks marked as being from the original Rocky Horror Show film, which appear to have just been ripped from the film, complete with sound effects and screams – including another “The Sword Of Damocles”, but this version is the actual one from the film. This only increases the confusion.

Other than this, the CD has some audio trailers (presumably for the radio), two songs from the theatrical musical sequel Shock Treatment (one of which is a version not included on that film’s soundtrack), some songs performed by a couple of the actors from the musical – Tim Curry and Neil Campbell aka. Little Nell – which seem otherwise unrelated to the musical, and the disc ends with a very brief but fun live recording of a marching band performing “The Time Warp” at what seems to have been some sporting event.

Considering I only paid about 6.5 EUR for this collection, I’m pretty pleased with the purchase. It’s a bit of a mess, and I wish the booklet that comes with it could’ve explained where all these tracks come from, but it has some pretty decent pieces which you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. One of which is this week’s featured tune.

Little Nell – “See You ‘Round Like A Record”

Little Nell’s had quite an interesting life so far. Professional swimmer, singer, actress, and night club owner, probably most known for her role as Columbia in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s a relatively small role, but definitely a memorable one thanks to the odd costume and equally odd vocals.

This CD has four songs by Little Nell, and they’re all pretty good. I’d heard them all before receiving this, having possessed poor quality mp3 versions of these songs earlier in my life, but it’s good to have them all on CD and sounding a lot better. So again, definitely worth the 6.5 EUR I paid.

Can’t help but wish they’d made this bundle a pure Rocky Rarities ordeal though.  They could’ve included the other four songs by Little Nell; any of the music by Kimi & Ritz, the duo of Richard O’Brien and his wife Kimi Wong before the musical; or any of the three songs Richard O’Brien helped write for the film The Return Of Captain Invincible: “Evil Midnight“, “Captain Invincible“, or in particular the awesome “Name Your Poison“. Unfortunately, I’m sure none of these will see a proper (re-)release anytime soon.

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