Animal Collective @ Rockefeller 09

Saw indie favourites Animal Collective perform live Wednesday this week, which would be March 4th, at Rockefeller in Oslo. I saw them the last time they passed through Norway, playing at John Dee, which was either in ’08 or in ’07, can’t quite recall. That was one of the best concerts I’d attended; bright lights flashing to the sound of the music, feeling the loud techno bass surge through your body, enough room to dance (or bounce) a bit, and a lot of yelling.

This concert was a bit different – not really any yelling, for one thing – and there were a few elements which detracted from the experience. One was the lack of the flashing lights from their last concert, instead having a big plastic ball hanging over the stage which they projected video onto. This wasn’t as neat and made for an overall a pretty dull stage show. Another factor was that I didn’t have the ideal spot in terms of seeing the stage; I’m not super tall, so I need to have enough not-super-tall people in front of me at concerts to be able to see well. And the final factor, related to the previous point, was the difficulty of dancing at my particular spot; it was a bit cramped, and no one next to me were really dancing, but I did manage to do some head bobbing and body swaying at least, together with the odd foot stomp.

Footage from the show captured with my high-quality mobile phone camera.

Footage from the show captured with my high-quality mobile phone camera.

I was there with a few friends, who weren’t keen on making their way closer to the stage, but I should perhaps have ditched them earlier on to do so rather than trying to stand in close proximity to them. Might have had a better view from closer up, and it looked like there was more dancing going on there. Perhaps they even had a mosh pit? And after a some rather stressful days, had hoped to be able to let off some steam and dance my troubles away at the show.

But, despite a few of these negative elements, I enjoyed the concert. Fun hearing the new songs from their last album live. One of the highlights was definitely “Lion In A Coma“, one of my favourites from their last album.

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