Fidelity Wars #21: Pushing Daisies – “Birdhouse In Your Soul”

There’s a TV series called Pushing Daisies which I currently know very little about.  I vaguely recall seeing it being compared to the comic book Fables, which I do know a decent amount about, having subscribed to it at my now old comic book store. (Rest in peace, Avalon.)

But somehow I stumbled over this clip from the series on YouTube, where two of its characters perform one of my all time favourite songs, They Might Be Giant‘s classic “Birdhouse In Your Soul”.

Then, later I found out that a full version of this song was included on the soundtrack to the series! And that’s this week’s pick for Fidelity Wars.

Pushing Daisies – “Birdhouse In Your Soul”

My assessment of the song? It’s lush, has subtle instrumentation, and sounds kind of fairy tale-y, though due to a lack of variation and the overall subtle sound the full length soundtrack version can easily get a bit dull; the shorter version in the show was maybe all we needed. Still, I’m glad they recorded and released this.

And yes, that’s Kristin Chenoweth sharing the vocals, whom you may know as Glinda from the  musical Wicked.

Pushing Daisies Soundtrack

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