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I just learned that they’re making a second season of Fullmetal Alchemist, one of my favourite anime series, which will debut in April in Japan. Am I thrilled about this? Not exactly, but I’m hoping for the best. I really felt as if the first season was all we needed. Then they went ahead and released a pretty redundant film. I am certainly curious how it’ll turn out though, and again, I’m hoping for the best.

The original manga is apparently still not finished, but the anime and manga are pretty much different beasts at this point. These Japanese animation folks seem to be too impatient on waiting for the source material to run its course, then adapt it once it’s done. No, they have to start adapting it before it’s done, and then make up their own ending for the series.

It’s an interesting artistic approach, sure, leaving way for plenty of artistic interpretation for the creative team working on the animated series, but is it really the bestapproach? I probably liked the first half of the original run of Fullmetal Alchemist more than the second half myself, and I’m guessing the second half is when the animation people started making things up and adding filler material to pad it out. But I haven’t read the original manga, so I can’t do a proper comparison.

I’m guessing the corporations generally opt for the premature adoptation approach as they want to ride the popularity wave of a new manga, and these mangas often last for several years, so by the time the manga is done the public may have little interest in the once novel setting, premise, and characters. So from an economic standpoint, it might actually be the best approach.

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