Fidelity Wars #17: TKurata – “Going To Georgia” (Remix)

I’m a bit of a regular over at the forum for the lovable indie favourite The Mountain Goats. It’s a nice place where people with similar taste in music – at least when it comes to one band – can get together and procrastinate. I am also one of the more frequent posters of homemade cover songs over there, and many others have posted their respective cover songs. Some real gems have surfaced there, along with a decent amount of very ungemy material (and much, if not most, of what I’ve contributed can probably fit into this category).

One of the more memorable covers was supplied by forum member TKurata, which also seems to be his artist name. (I’m presuming it’s a he.) Actually it’s more of a remix than a cover, mixing the original song with some phat beats and doing some neat voice editing/cutting. This piece is this week’s pick for Fidelity Wars.

TKurata – “Going To Georgia” (Remix)

For the curious, there’s actually another remix of this song at TKurata‘s MySpace page. It’s pretty much the same, but with a few differences, and it’s about a minute longer. I think I prefer this shorter version. The longer version, in my opinion, overstays its welcome; pretty much any rendition of “Going To Georgia” should clock in under three minutes. Short and sweet, that’s how it should be.

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