Fidelity Wars #16: Fireflies – “Strawberries”

Starting off the second volume of Fidelity Wars is one of those indie artists who really should be getting more attention, but who gets lost in the hustle and bustle of  our everyday music industry life between the Arcade Fire and the Vampire Weekend. Thank goodness for us urban suave hipsters (with blogs!), who regularly manage to stumble over these artists and try to spread their wonderful music. For this week’s feature, I’m speaking of the US based artist with the stage name Fireflies.

Fireflies -Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Moon

I bought his album Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Moon as a Christmas slash birthday present for myself (from here) at the end of 2009, and have been slowly digesting it since then. First time I tried making my way through it I got a bit of an overdose; the songs all sound very sweet, with similar melodies and arrangements and overall sound, and it can get a bit much in one sitting. So it may be recommended to expose yourself to it in smaller doses, a couple of tracks at a time, as I have been trying to do. That said, the music is pretty unique and pleasant and is definitely worth your time and money. As the title of the album indicates, it’s perhaps most suitable for evening listening.

Fireflies – “Strawberries”

The piece I’ve selected for this week is the final track off of this album, which is one of my favourites. It’s probably the calmest and most lullaby-ish of the songs on it – though all of the songs are pretty calm and lullaby-ish to start with. To find out more about Fireflies, visit his website. He is, fortunately, still active with his music making, so should be interesting to see (or hear) what he’ll be doinfg next.

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