Beauty Horse: Let Your Children Grow Up In Happiness

While browsing the pony section at a toy store in Stockholm (Sweden) during my last trip there, I stumbled over this obvious My Little Pony knock-off toy: Beauty Horse.

Beauty Horse

What’s fascinating is that they have combined two different pony toy design generations: the blue to the left is reminiscent of the older My Little Pony toy designs, while the one to the right is how the current My Little Pony toys look like. Perhaps they’re trying to offer the best of both worlds: why choose between old or new when you can have both?

Of course, it wouldn’t be a genuine imitation product without some lovingly crafted, borderline nonsensical marketing taglines on the box. At the bottom of the front we can read the following: fashion Horses. Why they capitalize the first letter in horses and not fashion I do not know. Underneath it says: Lovely Horses A Barrel Of Fun Best Friend as one long sentence. It just rolls off the tongue.

Beauty Horse 3

Now to the back of the box. At the top to the right there’s some text in an oval shape, announcing: Lovely Funny New Friend. It’s unclear which of the two ponies in the box is our lovely funny new friend. Presumably the pink one, as the informative oval is itself pink and has been placed closest to the pink pony. Further down there’s a yellow star announcing: Happy time. Now if we’re still in doubt as to whether this is the product for us, they list three final selling points at the very bottom: Funny series product! Best gift for children! Let your children grow up in happiness. Who wouldn’t want their children to grow up in happiness? Though for some reason, this final statement did not receive an exclamation point as the two previous statements did. Perhaps they felt the statement was so impactful on its own that an exclamation point would just be silly. Or maybe they left it out in an attempt to inspire a brief, quiet moment of contemplation so each consumer can consider their own children’s current state of happiness before making a purchasing decision. Beauty Horse works in mysterious ways.

Beauty Horse 2

They also had this beast there, collecting a total of four ponies based on (I think) three different generations of pony toy designs.

Beauty Horse 4

The box is similar to the previous one, but they have placed the taglines from the back of the smaller box – which were in the pink oval and the gold star – to the front of the box, putting them into three purple hearts. They have also divided the tagline from the pink oval in half so that it makes less sense (lovely funny?), and the word new has been entirely capitalized.

Beauty Horse 5

It was surprising to see these in a regular toy store right next to the legitimate My Little Pony toy line. I thought imitation products normally did not also make their way onto retail store shelves, and that if stores carried them they would normally not carry the authentic product. But perhaps it’s more common than I think.

I somewhat regret not buying one of the small double pony ones. 60 SEK isn’t all that much, and it’s a neat example of modern knock-off pop culture. It’s practically a collectible in its own right! It could also be an amusing joke gift to some brony friends of mine.

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