Jungeldyret (Norwegian Soundtrack EP)

It has been a while since I posted anything new to this blog. This is due to a combination of life, obligations, and procrastination. The life part includes some very bad luck happening the first three to four months of this year, including head trauma and hard drive crash. But I do hope to get more into blogging again soon. Perhaps doing shorter entries, and/or more personal entries about creative projects. We’ll see.

As a treat of sorts, here’s something I’ve considered posting for a while: the Norwegian soundtrack EP released for the animated movie Jungeldyret (known as Jungledyret in its original Danish, and Go Hugo Go or Jungle Jack internationally). I bought the CD as a kid, and I believe I even bought it right after having seen the movie at the theater. My memory is a bit woozy. I think I maybe saw it with my aunt, but again, it’s a while back so it’s hard to remember clearly. I’m uploading it here as these songs (in Norwegian) are not currently available anywhere else, and who knows if they ever will be.


Jungeldyret Norwegian Soundtrack Cover

  1. Virre-Vapp Sang
  2. Skateboard Sang
  3. Kake-Kai´s Sang
  4. Jungeldyret

Cover scan / Disc scan / WAV files

If you are the rights holder for this release and would like it taken down, let me know and I will remove it from this blog.

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