Fidelity Wars #130: Nakinyko – “What’s Manabi Straight!?”

I have written about the anime series Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! before. (Over here.) To quickly reiterate, the series was almost really good. It had so many things going for it, including a really excellent and heartfelt ending (which is a rarity for any series). At times it was incredibly interesting, like how the show did a 180 in one episode and suddenly became a dark psychological thriller, or how they tied up the opening sequence of the show with its ending. But it’s still hard to recommend due to the overall tedium of the series.

A while back I stumbled over a curious remix/mash-up on YouTube, combining the instrumental arrangement of the show’s opening with the vocals from the pop song “What’s My Name?” by Rihanna. I’m not familiar with the pop song at all, but the mash-up sounds quite wonderful, the two complementing each other brilliantly. I’m curious whether any auto-tune type tweaking was needed or if the two were so similar that it was more or less just a copy and paste job. The mash-up is credited to Nakinyko, and it’s this week’s featured tune.

Nakinyko – “What’s Manabi Straight!?”

What's Manabi Straight Cover

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