Between Love And Nothing At All

I should have made this blog entry a month or two ago, but then some stuff happened, and then some other stuff happened, and then I got sick. Regardless, I am happy to announce, slightly delayed but what the heck, a new EP by your third favourite Norwegian Casio-based lo-fi indie mostly-one-man-non-band band The Society Of Poor Academics, in collaboration with Canadian former-chiptune one-man-wonder-non-band band The J. Arthur Keenes Band: Between Love And Nothing At All.

The Society Of Poor Academics feat. The J. Arthur Keenes Band - Between Love And Nothing At All Cover

Featuring four tracks of varying degrees of freshness, released January 29th this year on San Francisco based Gray Sky Micro Press. Digital copies are available through Bandcamp, and limited edition physical copies (vinyl and reel-to-reel) are available through their webshop.

I may be biased, but I really like this EP. It’s short (so it doesn’t overstay its welcome), it’s sweet (with lines like “f*ck you too” and “you will do for now”), it’s varied (including a remix and a song in Norwegian), and it’s affordable (only $1.99 for the digital copy).

Not to mention the gorgeous, playful arrangements by Dan McLay, aka. The J. Arthur Keenes Band. It was a lot of fun working together, and I hope I get the opportunity to do so again at some point in the future, one way or the other.

In relation to the EP, we also put out a music video for the song “Weekend”, filmed and edited by Oslo based VJ and visual artist Mads Faste Liang Nilsen (also known as Mads Meskalin). You can see the video below.

As a small treat (and as a half-cynical marketing move), I’ve made the song in question available for downloading for free below! Please enjoy, and hopefully you’ll feel inspired to use a couple of dollars to purchase the full-length EP.

The Society Of Poor Academics feat. The J. Arthur Keenes Band – “Weekend”

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