Pony Birthday Presents

I recently turned 29, and as the word has spread that I’m a fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I received a handful of pony-themed gifts from various friends, which I’ll show off below.

My Little Pony Play TentA pony-themed play tent, featuring Princess Cadence. I guess it’s supposed to be her palace. Perhaps a size too small, and probably not suitable for camping, but I’m sure I can find good use for it still. Could maybe even be used as some sort of prop during concerts, if I wanted to.

Sweetie Bot T-ShirtA Christmas-present-turned-birthday-present due to a lack of gift wrapping. It’s a Sweetie Bot t-shirt, from WeLoveFine. Sweetie Bot is of course the wonderful fan re-interpretation of Rarity’s little sister Sweetie Belle from the Friendship is Witchcraft series (most prominently featured in the episode “Neigh, Soul Sister”). I’m guessing very few will actually get the reference, but that only increases my hipster cred. I was pleased to find that it fit pretty well; it’s a size small. Size medium most likely would have been too big.

DSCF1037A night light, based around the Princess Twilight Sparkle alicorn design. This looks gorgeous, especially when compared to much of the other pony-related merchandise Hasbro has put out. So even if you don’t use it as a night light, it still functions as a nice decorative piece. You can see it in action in this YouTube video.

Bronze PonyThis is the most interesting and unique item, not available through any outlets: a solid bronze mini-pony. It’s molded after the blind bag pegasus figures. My friend made a few of these as an art project, but given the high price of bronze these days, it was way above my pony budget. So she and another friend both chipped in to cover the raw material costs, and got me one!

It has a few “imperfections” as you can see, but I think it rather fits the whole aesthetic of it. It gives it a slight worn look, as if it were an antique, rather than looking slick and modern. You can see more pictures below.

Bronze Pony 1 (2) Bronze Pony 2Bronze Pony 3Bronze Pony 4Rainbow Dash vs Rainbow Bronze 2Rainbow Dash vs Rainbow BronzeBronze Pony Display CaseI even found a good mini display case for her! It was originally made to hold roleplaying dice, but I think it works better like this.

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