Fidelity Wars #128: Jim Guthrie – “Wuthering Heights”

I guess I can say I’m a casual fan of Jim Guthrie, an indie singer-songwriter from Canada. Like many others, I first really became aware of him through the work he did doing the scores for Indie Game: The Movie and the game Sword & Sworcery. He is also 50% of the Canadian super duo Human Highway, which I featured back in #120.

I’m not yet super familiar with his discography and music (hence why I say I’m a casual fan), but I got the rather unexpected Jim Guthrie Humble Bundle when it was offered. I say unexpected, because the Humble Bundle mainly do game-centric bundle deals, and this was the first time they had done one that was specific to a musical artist. But I guess he might have good relations with the folk in charge of the bundling operation, as both Indie Game: The Movie and Sword & Sworcery have been featured through them – complete with free copies of the Jim Guthrie composed scores.

The bundle featured the bulk of his discography, and I’ve been dipping into it whenever I’ve remembered to. In particular his latest album, Takes Time, was a very pleasant offering. (So I find myself often returning to that one rather than exploring the other releases more fully.) The bundle did not include the extended, double disc version of the album Now, More Than Ever, but only the unextended single disc version. Which was disappointing. I’m guessing it might have been due to copyright issues and/or label agreements, wanting people to still have an incentive to purchase the physical product.

Among the bonus tracks to be found on this extended version, is a brilliant and playful synth pop cover version of the Kate Bush classic “Wuthering Heights”. I listened to it repeatedly a few weeks back while I was fighting a nasty cold. (Fever, sore throat, coughing, and all that yucky stuff.) It actually made me consider reading the book by the same name which the song is based on, or at least watching one of the dozen plus filmed dramatisations available. Now that the illness has passed, so has my desire to do so. But this song is still excellent.

Jim Guthrie – “Wuthering Heights”

Jim Guthrie - Now, More Than Ever

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