Fidelity Wars #127: Joy Kills Sorrow – “Such Great Heights”

The Postal Service‘s “Such Great Heights” seems to have become a bit of a modern pop standard. It’s a good song. It’s catchy, slick, with a few clever lines and a cutesie love theme, and there are now over a dozen released cover versions. When I was recently browing YouTube in search of Ben Fold’s well-known cover versions of the tune, I happened to stumble over this music video by the bluegrass/indie folk band Joy Kills Sorrow, released in relation to their EP Wide Awake.

Not much to say, other than that it’s pretty good, and maybe to point out the curious rapid muted rhytmic strumming they’ve got going, which seems to be a staple of the band. I’m sure there’s a more proper term for it; when you play a string instrument – usually the guitar – but you clamp down on the strings to keep the notes from resonating. It’s not uncommon to do – I’ve heard it used many times through earlier songs by The Mountain Goats, for example – but it is something you usually do sparingly, and not throughout an entire song.

Joy Kills Sorrow - Wide Awake EP

 Joy Kills Sorrow – “Such Great Heights”


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