Discouraging DLC

On several occasions, DLC (downloadable content) has discouraged me from buying a game. The most recent case being Crusader Kings II.

CKII is a part of this week’s Humble Bundle sale; for about 6 USD, you get both CKII and several other games. None of the other games being offered really intrigues me, but 6 USD for CKII doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

Except, it doesn’t include any of the DLC. And the DLC for the game costs around 5 – 15 euros per expansion. And there are currently five such downloadable expansions being offered. So you’d have to use a small fortune buying it all. And seeing as I don’t want an “incomplete” gaming experience, and as some of the DLC looks pretty interesting, I either want to play the “full” game with allof  its DLC installed, or rather not play it.

Therefore I refrain from purchasing it, figuring they might offer some package deal in a year or so, so I can buy everything at once. This has happened with several other games. I’m considering making a purchases, but then I find out it has some DLC I might have to purchase separately, so I rather don’t buy it.

I’m curious if there are many other consumers out there who do this as well, or if I’m a rare case.

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