Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2013 Blind Bag Figures

I recently managed to complete my set of Plaaymates’ 2013 series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles blind bag figures! Collecting the figures was fortunately easy enough, as it turned out each bag had a letter telling you what figure was inside. It starts with Leonardo at A, and ends with the Foot Soldier at H. Which I figured I’d share here for your convenience! (But no guarantees that these are right; I might’ve gotten one or two mixed up, and there could be regional differences.)

  • Leonardo: A
  • Donatello: B
  • Michelangelo: C
  • Raphael: D
  • Splinter: E
  • Shredder: F
  • Krang: G
  • Foot Soldier: H

The letters are printed at the bottom of the bags, and can be hard to make out. There’s a lengthy number as well, but this is a red herring, as this is the same on all bags (OB3059). The letters are printed to the side of the red herring.

TMNT Blind Bag Letters

The letters E and C printed on the bags.

The figures themselves are pretty nice. But they’re not great, unfortunately. With some more time and attention put into the paint jobs and designs of the figures, they could’ve easily been pretty great. For example, the Shredder figures has no visible eyes, but just the pure gray of his helmet. His “claws” could have also been separated, as they’re now connected with plastic.)

TMNT Blind Bag Figure - Shredder

Shredder, aka. the letter F.

The turtles are also lacking colour on their protective ninja gear; the knee pads are only coloured on the front, the elbow pads aren’t coloured at all, and the “protective ninja cloth” on the their hands and feet also remain uncoloured. As you can see of this figure of Donatello.

TMNT Blind Bag Figure - Donatello Front

Donatello, front view…


TMNT Blind Bag Figure - Donatello Side

… side view…

TMNT Blind Bag Figure - Donatello Back

… and back view.

The figures also have these… holes under their feet. As if they were Lego figures, or were meant to attach to some stand. Unfortunately the figures do not come with a stand, and the holes protruding from their feet make them a bit more unsteady and prone to falling over. Maybe there’s some sort of playset you can buy for the figures? But I haven’t seen any.


My goodness, what’s wrong those feet?

Despite these somewhat annoying flaws and design decisions, they look pretty good overall. So if you’re intereated in the series at all – and Nickelodeon’s reboot is pretty excellent (even if I fear the CGI animation will feel outdated in five to fifteen years, and will be hard to watch) – they’re worth looking into.

TMNT Blind Bag Collection

The gang – minus the foot soldier, which I got after this was taken.

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