The Mountain Goats Gives You Three For Mike G

A friend of The Mountain Goats‘ John Darnielle, a certain Mike (G), fell victim to a mugging attempt. Refusing to part with his wallet, the perpetrators gave him a beating, resulting in the need for surgery and some high hospital bills. John Darnielle made a thread about it in his official forum here, and pleaded that people go here to donate any money they could spare to help his friend pay the needed bills.

The fans responded, and John was so pleased that he suddenly made available three old unreleased songs (on this page) both as a present to those who’d donated and as an incentive for others to do so. Here’s his message:

Given in gratitude for those who helped out my friend in his time of need; extend to all others freely with the gentle urging that in response to having received freely, they give in like manner – original thread here, but there is no shortage of need in the world – think also of throwing five bucks at some awesome animals or some truly kick-ass people doing truly kick-ass things for young men and women. Go look at those links while the files are downloading! Paypal somebody a fin! You’ll never miss the five bucks and it will totally make your day! OK done talking now, go listen to ridiculously old (probably pre-Sweden) songs and laugh at the ultra-nasality! Kiss baby Mithras as you pass his manger! all love all day long for all time

Here are the three songs that were made available. Listen, enjoy, and donate to either of the three good causes mentioned and linked to above if you’re able. Let’s show the world that indie lo-fi rock enthusiasts aren’t so bitter and jaded that we aren’t able to band together and contribute to a good cause. Wait… was that one too many aren’t? And happy new year! Let one of your first acts of 2009 be one of generosity.

Hye Kye

Extreme South

Brandy Let’s Go

Fireworks on New Year's Eve 2008/2009

Fireworks on New Year's Eve 2008/2009

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  1. Smansmith says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this. Such an unfortunate way to give access to new (or old) TMG material. Good on Darnielle for doing something about it as well.

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