Fleamarket Rundown Spring 2013

A rundown of some of my more interesting findings at various local fleamarkets this spring.

Løvenes Konge VHS

A Spanish title VHS copy of The Lion King 2, and a still sealed VHS copy of the Norwegian special edition re-release of the original. I don’t think either has any real value – maybe it would have some slight value if the Norwegian VHS was of the first edition rather than the re-release. But they’re still neat, displayable, decorative items for a casual collector of wares related to The Lion King such as myself.

Alf Leker Detektiv - Eventyr BÃ¥nd

Finding one sealed copy of an Alf story book and cassette tape would be peculiar enough, but two? Well, that’s twice as peculiar. I’m not exactly a big fan of Alf, but I’d already paid for a grab bag at this particular fleamarket, so I decided I might as well just put them in. Not as if anyone else would be wanting to buy them, and leaving them would mean they might get more dinged up or even be thrown out. If these were in English and not Norwegian, they might actually be worth a few dollars as well.

PS2 - Tekken Tag Tournament Onimusha 3 Flintstones Bedrock Racing

Three PlayStation 2 games, including a still sealed copy of Onimusha 3. As it was a grab bag sale, I also got Tekken Tag Tournament and The Flintstones – Bedrock Racing, both unsealed and not in the best of conditions. I’m a casual fan of the Tekken series; I remember renting and enjoying the first game in the series, then buying and playing the heck out of the second game. But then we sold our PlayStation, and I never really got to play any Tekken games after that. I’m not exactly a big fan of The Flintstones nor of kart racing style games, but I figured it might either be halfway decent or delightfully bad.

Misc. Bootleg Mega Drive

A collection of bootleg Mega Drive games. I only wanted the Mega Drive 16 In 1 game, but the one handling the sales at the time actually told me I could get all the other ones for the same price, since there’s very little interest in games this old and they’d just get thrown out. One of my more pleasant fleamarket experiences, as usually they’ll want to skin you for what you got and overcharge, insisting that their wares have some value (which they rarely do) and being reluctant to go down any in price. I’m guessing these are all identical to the actual real games, and are just cheap pirates versions, and not rare mods. Except for the Pocahontas game…

Bootleg Jurassic Park

… which has a cart labelled Jurassic Park.  So it’s probably a Jurassic Park game, unless it’s some obscure Pocahantas in Jurassic Park title I’ve never heard of. Which would be pretty neat. Note that the label says Genesis and not Mega Drive. So I’ve no idea if it’s for the Mega Drive or the Genesis. I don’t actually have neither a Mega Drive nor a Genseis system right now though, unfortunately. But a Mega Drive and Mega-CD combo is pretty high up on my wish list, so hopefully I’ll be able to procure one some day.

Løvenes Konge Disney Kult Poster

A poster for The Lion King – or Løvenes Konge. Taken from the magazine Disney Kult which I bought just to get this poster.

Min Bror Bjørnen Poster

Another Disney poster, this time for Brother Bear – or Min Bror Bjørnen. Taken from a movie tie-in children’s activity magazine, which I also bought just to get the poster.

PS2 Whiplash Promo

A promotional copy of the game Whiplash for the PlayStation 2. I hadn’t ever heard of the game, but it looked potentially interesting, and I got it for a low price. They had some other PS2 promo games there as well, but none of which were terribly interesting. If it was the last day of the fleamarket I might’ve tried making a play for them, trying to buy them all cheaply. I was tempted to come back the next day and give it a try, but in the end I didn’t.

Puss In Boots McDonald's Toy

A still sealed McDonald’s toy of Kitty Softpaws from the film Puss In Boots. The design of this toy could be better, but hey, it’s sealed, and it was a good film.Giant Michelangelo Fightin' Gear + Splinter

Definitely one of my best finds this spring: a giant size Fightin’ Gear Michelangelo! Plus, a normal sized Splinter. Both from the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. I was even able to find some of the accessories for the giant size figure when I came back the next day, which included his helmet and one of his two nunchucks…

Michelangelo Fightin' Gear Nunchaku

… but I had actually seen his other nunchuck the day before. Except I didn’t quite know it was his nunchuck at the time, due to the odd design. I had a feeling it was related to the figure though, but I wanted to go home and check online first. No reason to be stuck with plastic you don’t need, and to potentially ruin someone else’s happiness by inadvertently buying the accessory for another toy that they are coveting. But yes, I should’ve just picked it up then. A couple of other items I was considering buying had disappeared when I came back the second day as well, including a tube of POGS and a cute 101 Dalmatians bag. I guess I was lucky I was able to find the helmet and the one nunchaku though. (But the nunchaku is actually pretty strange looking and won’t fit easily into either of his hands, so I guess it’s not a great loss per se. Though not having it complete does rather reduce its collector’s value.)

Now onto a selection of small, decorative figurines and toys picked up at different fleamarkets…

Loppemarked Figurer

Here we have Wolverine from Marvel’s X-Men, Puss from Puss In Boots, Donald Duck, a strange disco / rockabilly / no-good-dog figure I’ve no idea where is from, Lady from Lady & The Tramp, and of course Simba from The Lion King.

The Simba figurine actually looks really nice, and might be the nicest figurine I have of the character yet. It’s a bit more simple, since the colour of the body is the same all over (no different shade on the throat-belly area), the eyes are all black, and the tail is “stuck” to his body and has been molded with it. Still, it’s vibrant, he looks happy, and there are no awkward painting mistakes. A few of the other Simba and Lion King figures I have look a bit derpy  due to slightly lacking paint jobs with the eyes. A simpler design means there’s less chance of messing up.

The mystery dog  character I thought looked both appealing and hilarious, so I picked it up. But again, no idea where he’s from, or even if he’s from anywhere. For all I know it could be from a Kinder Egg series, or some Indonesian comic book.

Loppemarked Figurer

Two identical(-ish) Donald Ducks, a Daffy Duck, Bambi from Bambi, and two different figurines of Fozzie Bear from Muppet Babies.

It’s interesting how the Fozzie Bear figure to the left looks a lot more appealing than the one to the right, though the one to the left was made in China while the one to the right was made by the well-known German toy company Schleich. It’s also peculiar that I stumbled over these two figures at two different fleamarkets. They’re from the mid-80s and don’t seem terribly common around here. Not as peculiar as stumbling over two sealed Alf story tapes, but still peculiar.

Loppemarked Figurer

Robin Hood and Little John from Disney’s Robin Hood, Ash from Pokémon, Tigress from Kung Fu Panda, and two figurines related to the (now sadly mostly defunct) Danish Bonbon candy brand. I believe the two Bonbon figures are of the Hurlumhej Mix and Hundeprutter mascots.

Nintendo Magasinet + Power Play

Twelve copies of the Scandinavian gaming magazine Power Player, plus one copy of Nintendo Magasinet, the Scandinavian equivalent of Nintendo Power. All in pretty bad shape, but perfectly readable. I think I might already have copies of all of these Power Player issues somewhere, as I used to subscribe to it as a kid. My brother used to subscribe to Nintendo Magasinet, and I’d borrow them to read the comics. Ah, nostalgia.

De Tre Bukkene Bruse Print

A framed, signed and numbered limited edition print of a painting based off the Norwegian fairy tale De Tre Bukkene Bruse. Got it pretty cheap just as the fleamarket was ending. I rather like it, even if I might’ve preferred the more typical fairy tale style than neo-impressionism (or whatever style this can be said to be in). But still, I like it. Even if I’ve recently come to the realization that the bulk of Norwegian fairy tales are utterly nihilistic, including De Tre Bukkene Bruse, with not much in the way of a plot and no real moral to speak of.


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  1. TheBusiness,Man says:

    How many fleamarkets did you have to go to to find all this stuff?

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    If you ever decide to sell any of your Bonbon figures, let me know!

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