Fidelity Wars #13: Spice & Wolf – “Tsukiyo No Tategami”

2009 is nigh, so various blogs and music sites have been making their respective best of the year picks and lists. Not wanting to stand out from the indie hipster crowd, I figured I’d feature a track from what I consider to be one of the best CDs released this year in this week’s installment.

Spice & Wolf

Spice & Wolf – “Tsukiyo No Tategami”

This is a track from the soundtrack to the anime series Wolf & Spice (which is based on the light novel series by the same name), which was released March 2008. It’s been a while since I listened to it, and some of its initial appeal has worn off due to repeated listening, but it’s still a pretty good CD; the composer tries to emulate the sound of what I’m guessing is late medieval, early renaissance music. I mostly enjoy the more festive, higher paced tracks from this soundtrack, but the slower, more subtle pieces are still decent. This particular piece I’ve chosen – my overall favourite from the soundtrack – seems to me to have a, emh, gypsy sound to it,  in danger of sounding ethnically insensitive. (I really don’t know much about teh gupsy, their gypsy music and gypsy curses and general gypsy ways, other than the odd bits I’ve been fed through the mass media.) I really like it, and I’d definitely put it on any top tracks of the year lists.

As for the actual anime series, I felt that it was almost good. It had an interesting premise – a lupine harvest deity tags along with a merchant to experience the current world – but in the end was too slow and convoluted, and I felt as if I’d appreciated it immensely more if I had a deeper understanding of and interest in late medieval trade, economy, and currency speculation.

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