Fidelity Wars #126: Kirsty MacColl – “He’s On The Beach”

Kirsty MacColl was a British pop artist and singer-songwriter, passing away far too early at the age of 41. I’m not terribly familiar with her discography, and like most people I was first exposed to her through her vocal contribution to The Pogues‘ song “Fairytale Of New York”, which has now become a juletide classic.

I recently stumbled over her delightfully cheesy cover version of Billy Bragg’s “A New England”, which lead me further on to what I believe is a digital only compilation, The Stiff Years, compiling some of her singles released on Stiff Records. Which is a pretty decent compilation. The highlight for me is definitely “He’s On The Beach”, which is an upbeat summer type song about how someone has up and left due to feeling unhappy, and is currently on a beach (which is later revealed to be in Australia). It’s cheerful, but with a touch of contemplation and melancholy. Just how summer music should be.

Kirsty MacColl – “He’s On The Beach”

I’m still not very familiar with Kirsy MacColl’s discography, but I’m looking forward to exploring it further. Too bad they haven’t done any affordable box sets collecting her albums, singles, b-sides, and various rarities, as they did with Billy Bragg. (See Billy Bragg Volume 1 and Billy Bragg Volume 2.) Would’ve been a convenient way to get my hands on all her music in one swoop, rather than having to hunt down separate releases and having to decide which are most worthy of my time and money.

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  1. James Michael says:

    This had been sitting in my iTunes for a few years, I never listened to it after I downloaded it and tonight it came on when I had the shuffle accidentally turned on. What a perfect surprise! Good song for the night and really sweet!

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