Fidelity Wars #125: Red Shoe Diaries – “Ice & Snow”

I came upon the band Red Shoe Diaries on a brief tumble through bandcamp, searching for potential bands for an ongoing pet project of mine. Contemporary acoustic indie pop with a touch of twee, not dissimilar in sound to Allo Darlin’, Sambassadeur, Camera Obscura, or the heavy weights Belle & Sebastian. It’s nothing ground breaking, but it feels cozy and comfortable with just a touch of under dog-ness,  and sometimes that’s just what you want.

Earlier this year they released a three-song EP, Ice & Snow, and I’ve been binging on its title song all week. I can’t get enough of it. (That is, until I’ve actually gotten enough of it, at which point I will probably listen to it more sporadically and casually rather than five + times in a row.) If I am to point out one possible flaw with the song, it’s that the chorus is maybe repeated one time too many without any lyrical variation. But on the plus side, the outro of the song is great and  could’ve  easily been the main chorus. I like it when songs don’t slavishly follow the verse chorus verse chorus bridge / instrumental chorus structure, but manages to pleasantly surprise the listener by going a slightly different route. Also props for the delightful lines “But hope is deadly, it killed us before we reached the shore” and  “We named our child after the hurricane”.

So of course, this is my selection for this week.

Red Shoe Diaries – “Ice & Snow”

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