This weekend saw the release of Kostnadseffektivt, a digital only EP by The Society Of Poor Academics. The title of the EP is the Norwegian translation of the title track, “Cost Efficient”, which features vocals and guitar by Lara Mishler and steel guitar by Jack Hayter (of the currently defunct British cult band Hefner).

There are more guest musicians on this EP, most notably twee musician Dennis Driscoll taking on the lead vocals in the childishly bitter song “Your New Boyfriend Is Ugly”.

The EP can be srteamed and purchased over at bandcamp. A (not terribly exciting, but delightfully atmospheric) music video was released to coincide with the EP, viewable below. The music video shows a train’s progress somewhere in Sweden, one February evening. I’ve also made the title track available for download in this blog entry, as I trust those who actually enjoy it will willingly pay for the criminally affordable EP.

The Society Of Poor Academics – “Cost Efficient” (feat. Lara Mishler)

I’m very excited about this release, to say the least, and I’m pleasantly surprised to have managed to get such great guest performances from some established musicians. Almost makes me feel like a proper songwriter and musician myself. Now I just need to sit back and wait for that precious indie music money to start rolling in, right?

If you’re interested in Jack Hayter’s solo music, you should check out his bandcamp page. If you’re interested in Dennis Driscoll’s solo music, you should check out his CDBaby page. It’s all great stuff, far superior to anything that The Society Of Poor Academics has managed to muster up so far, and you should purchase all of it.

As an added bonus, here is a curious cover song of “The Safety Dance”, originally by Men Without Hats, with an arrangement by Tom Butlin (aka. Yossarian) with vocals and some keyboards by yours truly.

The Society Of Poor Academics – “The Safety Dance”

It was done as a gift to a friend of mine, included on a compilation CD he was given for his birthday earlier this year. When I was staying with him in Stockholm, Sweden, he would often start the day by putting on this song, so it seemed appropriate to try doing a cover for him. He was also the one who got me a front row spot on that train, enabling the music video above.

The next full length album from The Society Of Poor Academics should be available sometime this October or November, both digitally and physically. Still a lot of work to do to get it all finished, but it will hopefully all be worth it in the end. Just need to keep thinking about all that precious indie music money I’ll be making! It will feature some more great guest musicians, and will hopefully be a pleasant surprise for the fans – yup, for all five of them.

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