Fidelity Wars #123: Ella Ja Aleksi – “Yöjuna Rovaniemelle”

Ella Ja Aleksi – or Ella & Aleksi – is a Finnish rap duo, consisting of young boy and girl. In a rare act of compassion, the identities of the two kids have been kept secret from the public, giving the kids a fairly normal childhood rather than letting them become celebrities at such a young age. (I believe their real names aren’t actually Ella nor Aleksi, either.) Definitely applaudable. I guess there are still some good, considerate parents and music producers out there.

While Ella Ja Aleksis‘s music is indeed children’s music, it’s pretty well made (and I have featured quality children’s music in the blog before – like this and this). The arrangements have at times a surprising amounts of depth, blending electronic loops and synths with a sparse sprinkling of acoustic instruments, creating a musical backdrop at times reminiscent of chill-out trip-hop music. The vocals can get a bit grating on some of their songs, making me wish it could’ve been purely instrumental, but at other times it all comes together with the music beautifully. Like on this week’s featured track.

Ella Ja Aleksi – “Yöjuna Rovaniemelle”

The song is off their 2008 album, Talven Törröttäjät. From what I’ve gathered, the song is about taking the night train to Rovaniemi, which is somewhere in Finland. This song was how I first discovered the duo, stumbling over the fun animated music video produced for it, which you can view below. Given that the actual kids don’t actually represent themselves, but are instead animated, with fictional identities, the duo is sort of like a Gorillaz for Finnish kids. They even have their own film, which I’m rather curious about. Unfortunately it probably won’t be dubbed nor subbed into English or Norwegian anytime soon. Though if it’s mainly a musical film, it might not matter all that much.

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