Tazte Priv Juleprogram

As a Christmas treat of sorts to my fellow Norwegians I am here uploading the final episode of the Norwegian comedy radio show Tazte Priv by Norwegian comedians BÃ¥rd Tufte Johansen and Harald Eia. It aired in December of 2004, and most of the skits here are Christmas related one way or the other. Some of the skits in this particular show can drag on, and I believe this is the episode that overall had the longest skits, but the duo is obviously having fun and improvising. The show consisted mainly (but not exclusively) of character skits, with one of them taking on the role of a certain character and talking about a certain subject, while the other plays himself and tries to act and converse as normal. In my opinion this series is some of the better work this comedy duo has done.

This episode features one of my favourite skits, namely SprÃ¥kspalte for indre Oslo Øst, which I believe laid the foundation for the duo’s Oslo los character which debuted in the second season of their Uti VÃ¥r Hage TV series and who went on to become a big hit. It’s worth noting that the show has a few recurring characters, three of which are featured in this particular show, but I don’t think familiarity with them is a prerequisite to enjoying these.

A Tazte Priv CD was released not too long after it ended, collecting various bits from the show. The booklet has a brief, moderately funny text stating that this isn’t a best of collection, instead trying to go for representativeness when compiling the material. But for some reason the CD starts with an inane hip-sounding opening jignle declaring that “you are listening to the best of Tazte Priv – this is the best”, in effect contradicting the CD’s booklet. I put my trust in the booklet though, as the brief text there bears the signature of the duo. The collection does not include the show’s opening theme, which is a real shame; would’ve been great to have had a high quality version of it. Why couldn’t they have included the opening theme instead of the jingle? The CD was simply entitled Tazte Priv vol. 1, and I believe they stated that a second volume might be made if sales were good. A second volume has so far not been made, but my impression was that it sold okay.

The show is easy enough to find online for free though, and I have my own private recordings which I did back when it aired. So without any further delay, here is the final slash Christmas themed episode of Tazte Priv, split into two parts. Enjoy!

Tazte Priv Juleprogram pt. 1

Tazte Priv Juleprogram pt. 2

Harald Eia & BÃ¥rd Tufte Johansen

Harald Eia & BÃ¥rd Tufte Johansen

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