Fidelity Wars #120: Human Highway – “Duties Of A Lighthouse Keeper”

Seems Nicholas Thorburn has been more productive than I realized! Not only is he the frontman for the band Islands – which seems to release a new album about every other year on average – but he also been involved in two side projects, working together with other renowned indie musicians, one of which is Human Highway, featuring singer-songwriter Jim Guthrie. Together they’ve made the album Moody Motorcycle, a breezy and relaxed affair just about perfect for summer evenings.

While overall a fine album, it could perhaps do with a few more stand out tracks, with many of the tunes blending together into a (not unpleasant) near indistinguishable mush. One of the definite stand outs is the beautiful, slightly melancholy “Duties Of A Lighthouse Keeper”, which is the featured tune of this week.

Human Highway – “Duties Of A Lighthouse Keeper”

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