Fidelity Wars #119: Alvy, Nacho & Rubin – “Ya No Te Quiero Más”

Stephin Merritt once had the amusing idea of making The Magnetic Fields into a franchise of sorts, which he shared during a live interview. Different groups of people touring the world playing their songs, but using the band’s name. While that probably won’t become a reality any time soon, they have managed to spawn at least one full-fledged cover band: a trio of musicians in Argentina known as Alvy, Nacho & Rubin, who’ve translated their songs to Spanish.

They perform live locally, but have also released two albums, which are available through bandcamp. Not all the versions are winners, and there are a few which are ruined due to the execution of the vocals. But some are really fun, like their cover of “I Don’t Really Love You Anymore”, which is this week’s pick.

Alvy, Nacho y Rubin – “Ya No Te Quiero Mas”

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