Fidelity Wars #117: Boy George – “Felidae”

I recently saw the animated film Felidae, promoted as being a Katzenthriller. The film is German, was released in 1994, and is based on the German book by Akif Pirinçci by the same name. I watched the English language dub of the film, and while I would’ve liked to’ve seen it with the original German voices my DVD did not have any English subtitles for the German audio track. It’s always annoying when they neglect to include that. The DVD also has some neat special features – like an audio commentary – but again due to the lack of English subtitles, I’m unable to enjoy them.

The story revolves around a cat who starts investigating a string of gruesome local cat murders. Are humans behind it, other cats, or maybe other animals? While the plot was occasionally tricky to follow and left a few questions unanswered, I greatly enjoyed it. The story was fascinating, the animation was impressive, it had some delightfully disturbing and eerie scenes, and it had great atmosphere overall. Very interested in reading the novel it’s based on and the other novels in the series, but sadly only the first two books have been translated from German and they’re both (currently) out of print.

The film has a title song sun by 80s super star Boy George, which fits the movie’s gritty noir feel perfectly. The lyrics are both a bit silly and clever, hitting a few of the plot elements while staying sufficiently vague, and it’s this week’s featured tune.

Boy George – “Felidae”

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