Fidelity Wars #116: Islands – “Tender Torture”

My feelings about the band Islands are mixed, as you could read here. They have some decent tunes with interesting lyrics and arrangements, but too many of their songs are lost in radio friendly mediocrity, and I still miss the fun and whimsy of The Unicorns. But again, they do have some decent tunes.

One of which I’m featuring this week! (Or perhaps I should rather say this month, since this will be my only blog entry this month.) The song is called “Tender Torture” and it’s a catchy, borderline synthpop love song where the narrator still seems to be stuck on that damn deserted island they’ve been at for the past few albums. The song is off their 2009 album Vapours – which might be their best album so far, despite having their worst album cover (and font) so far.

Islands – “Tender Torture”

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