Songs I Have Yet To Write

I believe it was Darren Hayman who once said something akin to how coming up with a good title is half the work of making a song. Once you have a good, evocative title, the rest of the song will pretty much fall into place. While that might be a slight exaggeration, there might be something to it.

It has rarely been how I’ve worked with songs myself; often I will hammer away at it, getting down a few verses and maybe a chorus, and I may not decide on a title for it until after it’s fully done. Sometimes I’ll have a tentative title, something that’s short and usually not terribly clever, and sometimes it sticks. There have been cases where I’ve had the title from the outset as well, perhaps more frequently when working with song for Lonely Boy rather than The Society Of Poor Academics.

Regardless, I’ve tried getting into the habit of writing down potential song titles. Sometimes I will have specific ideas as to where I can take these titled-but-unwritten songs, what they should be about, whereas other times they just have a neat sound, and I would have to do some more hard thinking before deciding what the topic would be. Here are the bulk of the ones I have so far. Some are pretty decent, while some are rather silly sounding. Enjoy!

  • Learning to love the beast
  • Multitasking for Satan
  • The man with no middle name
  • If at first you don’t succeed, you will die miserable and alone
  • Happiness is reserved for the affluent
  • Demons won’t consort with themselves
  • Otakus vs. hipsters
  • The cruelty of children comes as news to no one
  • The clouds don’t know my sorrow
  • I’m sure there’s a German word for it
  • Folk flest er døde
  • You get more attention than you deserve
  • Diluted love
  • Bisexuals got it easy
  • Learning to ignore you
  • Apprehensively apprehending apprehension
  • Apprehensively apprehending the apprehender
  • Our love is a non sequitor
  • Give me love or give me death (but preferably love)
  • Tragedies are good business for florists
  • What would Mufasa do?
  • Dogs are dumb
  • Create a princess room for your little princess
  • There is something in my head which shouldn’t be there
  • Don’t have too much fun without me
  • News about sports aren’t real news
  • It hurts me to see others happy
  • Please don’t let me dance alone
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