Fidelity Wars #114: Jeff Bridges & Colin Farrell – “Fallin’ & Flyin'”

Crazy Heart was a rather disappointing film. It’s about a fictional has-been country musician, played by Jeff Bridges, and his attempt at getting his life back together. But the lows of this washed-up country musician’s life aren’t particularly low, and the characters feel far too bland for one to ever start caring about. The overall atmosphere and pacing of the film remains too relaxed throughout, without enough conflict to really engage. Plus, a key scene in the film is severely mishandled (see this discussion), destroying whatever little “audience engagement” the film had managed to build up by that point. Jeff Bridges’ performance is also rather underwhelming, yet it won him an academy award.

Fortunately, the film does have a few decent songs which helps make it more bearable. The highlight is a duet between Jeff Bridges and Colin Farrell, who are both surprisingly competent country singers, singing the song “Fallin’ & Flyin'”. It’s catchy, and the lyrics are actually rather fun and clever. And it’s this week’s pick.

Jeff Bridges & Colin Farrell – “Fallin’ & Flyin'”

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  1. dc says:

    I disagree – I thought the film was great. Sure it’s a fairly simple tale but I thought the performances (esp. Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal) were outstanding. So much so I was teary eyed at the end. Your right in picking ‘Fallin & Flyin’ as the stand out tune though. A real classic. Half Tom Petty, half CSN&Y. Lovely stuff.

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