Fidelity Wars #112: The Human Hearts feat. Franklin Bruno – “Inland Valley Water Table Blues”

Happy Halloween! Emh, I mean, jul. Or new year’s.

Seems I have missed a few weeks and a few seasonal events, for which I apologize. I don’t have a particularly good excuse, other than my growing disdain towards mankind and my general disgruntlement regarding the overall state of my various affairs.  I had also originally intended to post a particular track for Halloween, but I was wondering if the copy I had of the (legally obtained) song was somehow defect and I never got very far in my research regarding the matter.

So for this much delayed installment, I offer you a song that is entirely unrelated to any holiday, namely:

 The Human Hearts feat. Franklin Bruno – “Inland Valley Water Table Blues”

The song was featured on the digital only charity compilation Grow Up / Move Out, released earlier this year. It does seem somewhat arbitrary to credit the song to The Human Hearts feat. Franklin Bruno considering that The Human Hearts is a band fronted by Franklin Bruno. That would be like crediting a song to The Mountain Goats feat. John Darnielle, Hefner feat. Darren Hayman, and so forth. I’m guessing it was done because there might be people who know who Franklin Bruno but who don’t know about The Human Hearts. Trivialities aside, it’s a great song. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Franklin Bruno’s vocals, but it works pretty well here. It’s a catchy, rockin’ indie pop song. The compilation also has some other decent songs, so I’d recommend checking it out.

Happy new year!

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