Fidelity Wars #109: The Flaming Lips – “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song” (Live)

I’ve been wanting to buy Neko Case’s live show Live From Austin, TX. The only problem is, should I buy it on DVD or on CD? Certainly getting to see the actual performance would be nice, but I might get more use out of the CD; having to use the TV whenever you want to listen to a particular song isn’t very convenient. Consequently I haven’t bought either yet, as I haven’t been able to make up my mind.

Ideally, rather than offering either a CD or a DVD they should have offered some sort of package combining the two. And that’s sort of what The Flaming Lips did right with their own live release, U.F.O.s At The Zoo from 2007. You get a DVD with the video on it, but when you put it in your computer you’re able to download the audio files onto your computer as 256 Kbps mp3 files. Which is pretty neat! Perhaps ideally it would have been a dual sided disc ordeal instead, with one side being a DVD and the other a CD, since you could then play it in CD players and choose your own format and the quality to rip it to yourself. But I’m pretty happy with this solution. And I won’t have to choose whether I want the CD or DVD release, since there’s only one version. And since I can’t make up my mind as to what I’d prefer when it comes to Neko Case’s live release, I’ll probably end up not buying either version, unless I stumble over one of them at a sufficiently low price.

As for The Flaming LipsU.F.O.s At The Zoo, it’s a pretty neat little live show. One of the highlights is “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song”, which has a fun and peculiar guitar effect thing going on which really adds to the song, and it’s this week’s pick.

The Flaming Lips – “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song” (Live)


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