Fidelity Wars #105: The Gipsy Kings – “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”

I’d heard good things about  Toy Story 3, and consequently had high expectations for it. Some even seemed to be implying it was the best film of the trilogy. But I think my high expectations might have helped make the film a slightly underwhelming experience to me. It was good, certainly, and at times moving and pleasantly nostalgic, but I wouldn’t call it brilliant, nor innovative (and Pixar are generally know for having innovative films), and not sure if I’d say it was the best film of the three either. It was enjoyable though, and certainly worth watching for those who’ve seen and enjoyed the previous two films in the series (which I’d strongly recommend seeing before seeing this one).

One of the highlights of the film was the Spanish-language rendition of the series’ main song, “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”. It was originally written and performed by Randy Newman, but here it’s performed by The Gipsy Kings, and it’s this week’s featured song.

The Gipsy Kings – “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”

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