Fidelity Wars #104: Oddvar Torsheim – “Mari Maria Sudu-Deli-Dei”

Hipp hipp hurra! It’s the 17th of May, Norway’s constitution day! So time to get out some Norwegian music. Except, I don’t have much. Except for this here cover of the classic Boby Dylan song “The Thime They Are A-Changin'”, performed by the lovable and eccentric multi-media artist Oddvar Torsheim, redubbed “Mari Maria Sudu-Deli-Dei”. It’s a fun little number, except for the drum machine which sort of drones on and subtracts from what could have been a nice acoustic sound. You can find this and a few other Bob Dylan covers on his album Tur-Retur Blues from 2000.

Oddvar Torsheim – “Mari Maria Sudu-Deli-Dei” (Bob Dylan Cover)

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