Ingen Liker Eivind Kirkeby

So I gave in to the “evil” TuneCore, and now I have a compilation album that’s available through the iTunes Store,,, and which should eventually be available through eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, Spotify, and some other sites and services. Fame and fortune, here I come!

It’s called Ingen liker Eivind Kirkeby, borrowing (if not outright stealing) the title from my very first online album (which pretty must just consisted of attempted cover songs). It compiles most of the original songs from Du fortjener bedre enn Eivind Kirkeby and Alle har fått nok av Eivind Kirkeby, excluding all the cover songs and instrumentals. In an attempt to sucker fans who already have those CDs into buying this release too, it has the following minor exclusives:

  • A new mix of hukka’s “Our Respective Gods”.
  • An alternate take of “Sweet Sufficient Frequency”.
  • Two short instrumentals: “Du Fortjener Fortsatt Bedre” and “Phantasmagoria #89“.
  • “I Don’t Know Anything About Love”, an alternate take of “Jeg Vet Ikke Noe Om Kjærlighet”.

You can still buy the original full albums from the Kirkeby Butikk, or contact me directly if you want to arrange a trade.

And in other TSOPA-news, you can now find some random trivia on the songs from Alle har fått nok av Eivind Kirkeby here, as well as some free outtakes and demos here.

Now, to celebrate my surrender to digital distribution and getting onto iTunes, here’s an unexciting re-recording of what I consider my first proper song: Spider-Man 3.

Enjoy! Buy my stuff!

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