Fidelity Wars #102: They Might Be Giants – “Mas Fun”

Finally managed to get my hands on Then: The Earlier Years, They Might Be Giants‘ double-CD release collecting their first two proper albums together with B-sides and exclusives. I’m still working my way through the daunting track list – altogether 72 tracks – so rather than featuring something from that release, I’m instead featuring another obscure track by the duo.

They Might Be Giants – “Mas Fun”

It’s a fun instrmental, which apparently was used in an episode of Malcolm In The Middle and released for free through their website and their online music services. You can find a lot of good tunes by the band which never got a proper release if you dig a bit. Or just let their Clock Radio run for a while, then check your temporary internet files folder later. I believe that was how I got a copy of this piece.

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