Fidelity Wars #97: Kaizers Orchestra – “Hjerteknuser”

Kaizers Orchestra‘s debut album Ompa Til Du Dør was a big hit back in 2001 here in Norway. No one had ever heard anything like it. Slavic polka mixed with dirty rock with vocal deliveries somewhere between rap and singing with a heavy Stavanger (or Bryne) dialect. I rather enjoyed their output myself, including the two singles / EPs that shortly followed the debut (and I regret not buying them all, as I could’ve gotten all three for about 100 NOK). But their 2003 follow-up, Evig Pint, was a big disappointment. The band was starting to sound more polished and radio friendly, and less dirty and exciting. The songs were overall less interesting, less fun, and less catchy. They’ve still been popular with the record buying public and the critics, and have released several successful albums over the last decade, but personally I pretty much lost interest in them after a few too many bland albums and singles.

Earlier this year the band released the album Violeta Violeta Vol. 1, the first in a series of three. Like their post-Ompa Til Du Dør era recordings, I haven’t liked much of what I’ve heard from it, the exception being the album’s single track, “Hjerteknuser”. It’s catchy, and the vocal delivery is pretty good. The arrangement I have mixed feelings about, but it’s not half bad. So this is my featured track of the week.

Kaizers Orchestra – “Hjerteknuser”

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