Fidelity Wars #95: Apocalyptica – “Helden”

I remember discovering Apocalyptica on MTV on some late night music video show many years back – either one dedicated to alternative or metal music. I believe it was their version of “Nothing Else Matters”, which I later found out was originally by Metallica. I bought a couple of their albums (Inquisition Symphony and the special edition of Cult, which I believe were both bought while in vacation with family in Denmark), before losing interest in the band. The band’s music was starting to sound more like normal metal-ish music as they drifted away from the pure cello sound and started incorporating drums and more guitar-like distortion effects, and even having vocals on some tunes.

But they do still make some fun and interesting songs, like their German-language cover of David Bowie’s song “Heroes” from 2007’s Worlds Collide, with Rammstein‘s Till Lindemann doing the vocals (which is probably why it was done in German; the band is actually Finnish). It might’ve been even better without drums and if they’d held back on the distorting effects, but as is it’s still enjoyable enough, and it’s this week’s pick.

Apocalyptica – “Helden”

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