Fidelity Wars #96: Darren Hayman – “My Bedroom”

In December, singer-songwriter and ex-Hefner frontman Darren Hayman announced that he would record a song a day throughout January, which would be available (for a limited time) for free downloading online, and that he was looking for possible collaborators for this project. That included musicians, video directors, and illustrators, as each day he’d also release a video to go with the song, and some behind-the-scenes notes.

I contacted him to offer my services as poet-musician-director-illustrator. (I’m a regular renaissance man!) A while later I  heard back from him, saying he’d be interested in my services as a director. By that time I had gotten what the doctor believed to be an inflammation going on in my knee, due to badly banging it on either my TV or the TV bench (it happened too fast for me to notice), so I couldn’t move about much and couldn’t get him too much exciting footage. I wanted to wait a bit and see if my knee would get better, but as my recovery seemed to be slower than a Japanese RPG he suggested that I make a film filming only my bedroom. He also asked me how I hurt my knee, where I lived, and for any other information which could offer possible inspiration.

As the song was written and recorded in one day, the video was pretty much shot and edited in one day as well. He sent me a drum beat to work by, but I had no idea how the song would sound like, if it would be cheerful or sad for example, nor what the theme would be. Things also got a bit stressful towards my deadline as my video editing software seemed to have become slower than the development process for Duke Nukem Forever,  but the video was sent off to him on time for him to add the music. In the end, they both worked okay together – sometimes the song and the footage coming together okay, at other times not quite. The actual song I really liked, and I think it’s my overall favourite song from the project. It has a bouncy melody and some great guitar work, a good vocal delivery, and fun lyrics. (Though it didn’t end up being about me, which is fine, but taking some inspiration from my Norwegian-ness and my knee-bashing incident.) If I’d heard the song before I’d started on the video I’m sure it would’ve been better and more fitting, but all the same it was a fun little mini-project, and a bit of a creative exercise, which I guess was the point of January Songs.

So after a short hiatus, this song is my pick for the week.

Darren Hayman (w / the Voluntary Butler Scheme) – “My Bedroom”

You can buy all 31 songs from the project through bandcamp, including some extras, and you can find the music video here and his video diary entry for the song here.

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