Am I Internet Famous Now?!

Earlier this year I had my e-mail read aloud and responded to on the video game themed podcast The Oddcast. Well, it’s happened again. This time on the Bombcast, the weekly podcast from the video game website Giantbomb. Here’s the e-mail I sent them:

Dear Bombcast,

In your last show you ridiculed the idea of going trick or treating during Christmas time when talking about the forthcoming Christmas-themed DLC for the game Costume Quest. However, this is actually an old (albeit dying) tradition here in Norway, where you – as on Halloween – put on a disguise and then knock on doors to ask for candy (often after having sung a Juletide-themed song). If you want to know more, just google or look up the word “julebukk” on Wikipedia.

I don’t know if the Costume Quest team are tapping into this real tradition or not, but at least the concept of trick or treating (aka. “julebukking”) during Christmas (or “Jul”), while unusual, isn’t entirely unrealistic.

Eivind Kirkeby, Norway

If you want to hear my mail being read aloud and the cast’s reaction to it, I’ve extracted the relevant part and made it available for download here. For the specially interested I’ve also taken the liberty of extracting the part from their previous podcast which I was reacting to, and made it available for download here.

Though the main host of the podcast praises my letter, it doesn’t seem to interest his co-hosts much, so they don’t dwell on it for very long. Still, it’s fun when you occasionally manage to interact with these internet “celebrities”, and to have your existence validated by being mentioned on – and to some extent contributing to – their show. (How can you be sure you exist if you haven’t had your name mentioned in a podcast?) In a small way, you’ve become part of internet history, and if you’re lucky then maybe some of their internet celebrityness may rub off on you!

Also, it’s always amusing when English-speakers try to pronounce my name; I’ve no idea how you’re suppose to properly pronounce Eivind in English myself. I-wind? Ey-wind? Ay-vin? I’ve also often had people confuse my name for Elvind, replacing the first i with an l – as the Bombcast host does. This is something that does bother me a bit, as it’s not mispronouncing my name but thinking I have a different name than the one I actually have (and, in my opinion, an uglier name than my real name, sort of like a mutant hybrid between Alvin end Eivind – apologies to any Elvinds out there!). I’m guessing this is because a small i next to a big E can sometimes look a bit like a small l.

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