Fidelity Wars #93: Tokyo Brass Style – “Rouge No Dengon”

Christmas eve is just around the corner, so it’s about time to get out the Christmas and Christmas-ish music.

This week’s pick falls within the latter category; it has nothing to do with the season, but it’s a swingin’ brass-based tune which would be right at home performed by a live band at one of those fancy urban penthouse apartment Christmas parties you see in the movies. It’s a cover version (do you call it instrumental renditions of songs for cover versions?) by Tokyo Brass Style of “Rogue No Dengon”, the 50s style opening song for Studio Ghibli’s film Kiki’s Delivery Service, from the band’s Studio Ghibli themed mini-album Anijazz Ghibli. It’s an often overlooked song when talking about music from the Studio Ghibli films, perhaps in part due to the fact that it wasn’t composed by fan-favourite Joe Hisaishi, but it’s a personal favourite of mine and it made for a great opening to the film. Other than this and the original version, I also have two other cover versions of this song which are pretty good too, but I think this is my favourite and the one that sounds the most Christmas-ish to me.

Tokyo Brass Style – “Rouge No Dengon”

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