Fidelity Wars #10: DetektivbyrÃ¥n – “Lyckans Undulat”

I stumbled over the Swedish trio DetektivbyrÃ¥n sometime earlier this year, actually through the forums for the band The Mountain Goats. They’re a folktronica band, generally focusing on percussion, glockenspiel and the accordion, with some keyboard/synth thrown in. They have some fun tracks, and one of these is this week’s featured piece.

DetektivbyrÃ¥n – “Lyckans Undulat”

This was the A-side of a single released last year and was also re-used for a compilation released earlier this year entitled E18, compiling the single in question together with a previous EP plus two added (I think) exclusive tracks. I’m unsure if this compilation was just released digitally online or if there’s also a CD version of it; I haven’t been able to find a CD copy of it so far. Their first proper album, Wermland, was released a few months ago, and I’m hoping to get my hands on it sooner or later.

I like this band, but one potential problem is that they can get a bit repetitive and monotonous; the arrangements and structure of their festive accordion-driven pieces seem to mostly be the same, just changing the melody, and most of their other pieces are just twinkly (glockenspiel, music box, bells, toy piano, with some electronic sounding tap-tap percussion). I’ve only heard music from the mentioned compilation and a couple of tracks from their debut, so my judgment is definitely tentative. And even if they may be as monotonous as I fear they might be, they have some good tracks that should make most anyone dance.

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