Fidelity Wars Volume 6

Time for yet another fifteen track milestone for my weekly music column Fidelity Wars, so as tradition demands it’s time to relax, take a look back at what was, and compile another volume. Some of the weekly deadlines have been missed, but the world has kept on turning regardless, and Fidelity Wars has always risen again, ready to rock the week for whatever sporadic readers I may have.

You will find the track list below for the past fifteen tracks of the week, as well as a convenient RAR-file which compiles them all, for the completists among you.

Fidelity Wars Volume 6

  1. Jasmin Wagner – “Männer Brauchen Liebe”
  2. Ghibli Reggae – “Itsumo Nando Demo”
  3. Hästpojken – “Gitarrer & Bas, Trummor & Hat”
  4. Sora No Woto – Girls, Be Ambitious
  5. Play! – “Sonic The Hedgehog”
  6. Shonen Knife – “Gravity Zero Gravity”
  7. My Morning Jacket – “Off The Record”
  8. The Delfields – “Judy Greene”
  9. Dar Williams – “The Babysitter’s Here”
  10. Jamie Cullum – “Gran Torino”
  11. The Wild Band Of Snee – “The Clover Show”
  12. Discovery – “Can You Discover?”
  13. Jigoku Shojo – “Jigoku Rock”
  14. Kick-Ass – “Flying Home”
  15. Morrissey – “First Of The Gang To Die”
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